Development Outline

Recently, rouge hackers and hostile countries and intelligence agencies

around the world, have shown their capacity to attack government agencies,

as well as major national infrastructures, local governments, media and

financial institutions, by hacking and wiretapping/eavesdropping national

secrets, personal information, and any possible data that could benefit

their organization or country.


With regards to Cyber Tactics, a hacker’s attack is the spear, while

communications and computing system defense and protection system is

the shield.


However, so far, there have been too many cases of information leakage

due to contact zones, hub networks, and insiders of private network built

with huge budgets spent.


With acknowledgment that this was a critical problem, but with no distinct

alternatives, President Ju DaeJoon of Seonlin University, KCSRC

(KAIST Cyber Security Research Center) and Cyber Convergence Institute,

and a cooperative firm, successfully developed the invulnerable, cutting-

edgetechnology security equipment known as Invisible Ghost Waltzer.


EMS developed a product that is impenetrable to hackers with the

requirements of government hackers and specialized agencies, and about

10 years in field environment.


Ghost Waltzer is considered the most innovative security method, with its

ability to build physical/logical security communication on any public network

as a solution for hacking and wiretapping/eavesdropping. This directly

results in a huge reduction in network build budget.



Specialized Technology of

GHOST WALZTER Security Equipment

Invisible Ghost Waltzer is designed to prevent hackers from penetrating any security equipment or secured device Ghost Waltzer is installed on. Ghost Waltzer randomly generates a secure key every Global Standard Default Packet (1500 bytes). This method provides more security than the current method of encrypting the whole packet with a single key. Even if enemies hack at Layer1 level, it is impossible to decrypt since it randomly generates a new key every 1500 bytes.


Ghost Waltzer works on any Layer 2, 3 level of networks of user’s environment. It supports user a 100% secured network, which protect from interior/exterior spy’s wiretapping/eavesdropping/plaintext on any kinds of vulnerable private or public network.


Ghost Waltzer does not use the current communication security method of public IP and a fixed communication port. It is possible to integrate on a live network and effectively secure communication in an emergency. Furthermore, it is security equipment that is invulnerable to wiretapping/eavesdropping through developer or other S/W Back Door, which is a significant problem these days.


Instillation is easy and quick because there is no software instillation required on the current network and can easily change back to plaintext by disengaging the equipment.