Currently FBI has declared that Ransom Ware does not have a cure, your only option is to pay or have your data erased. Is there any way to protect data from Ransom Ware and Chimera?


Ghost Waltzer creates a physical/logical private network, called Ghost Network, and completely cuts off exterior contact and interior escape. Therefore, there is no viral infection such as Ransom Ware and Chimera etc, when using Ghost Watlzer. There is no hacker or virus that can penetrate a Ghost Network.



If a PC is already infected by virus, would physically connecting Ghost Watlzer still secure the network?

And if a user accidently opens a (SPAM) mail and a virus is downloaded, will it weaken the security?


Even though a PC becomes a “Zombie” by any virus, installing Ghost will completely cutoff additional commands from outside and neutralize it. Thus, it is not possible for hackers and viruses to control a command “Zombie” PC.



There are hundreds of new viruses coming out every day. What is the measure for new viruses?


Ghost Watlzer is a perfect communication security device through physically/logically separation of the network. There is no concern for hackings or new viruses to corrupt your computer when using Ghost Watlzer function.



CCTV hacking issue is arousing recently. This aggressively violate privacy.

Can Ghost Waltzer be used for CCTV security?


CCTV network can completely be secured by using Ghost Waltzer. Ghost Waltzer can provide you 100% safe full HD real-time monitoring network system. Additionally, there are millions of possible applications and structures that can secure from home to the whole World network.