If a company had 300 employees using a mail server they hosts on their private company LAN, how would you guarantee two workstations on that LAN complete privacy but still be able to access the company’s mail server?


Of course, Ghost Waltzer perfectly protects communication between Workstation A and B. Ghost Waltzer builds a Ghost Waltzer Net (GW Net) which is very private and possible to built on any kind of network your company uses (RF, satellite, internet, private network, etc) without affecting the network. This means, even though several Ghost Waltzers may be paired on a Ghost Waltzer Net, sending and receiving data from certain workstations in the Ghost Waltzer Net is still private and protected from other Ghost Waltzers in same Ghost Waltzer Net (GW Net).



Ghosts are usually paired. But can you "pair" 3 or 4 ghosts on one private LAN where any user using the Ghosts can share data with ALL the other Ghosts user's on that LAN?


Single Ghost Waltzer devices can pair up to an infinite numbers of Ghost Waltzers and create a Ghost Waltzer Network (GW Net). You can choose to share data with all of the other users in the Ghost Waltzer Network or only share data with specific user in the Ghost Waltzer Network.



How is the new Ghost Waltzer going to allow the user to write information to the hard drive that is inside the device? Is that under software control? Does it look like another hard drive on the computer?  Can you choose to just use that one feature?


Saving data in to internal drive in Ghost Waltzer is handled by both hard and software control. It is possible to use Ghost Waltzer as only an encrypted storage drive.



If you have two network cards in a server, can one hosts an open segment to the internet  and one card be connected to a Ghost Waltzer which is then paired with multiple machines on the private LAN, thus securing that private LAN?


As above, Ghost Waltzer creates a Ghost WaltzerNet (GW Net) between Ghost Waltzer devices. Therefore, it would not matter to the private LAN.



If a company wanted to completely secure their FTP Server, how would this configuration work?


Place a Ghost Waltzer(1) on the segment in front of the company's FTP server. This blocks all access to the server unless there is a matching Ghost Waltzer on the remote LAN.  Then the company takes a paired Ghost Waltzer in another city, on another LAN, and places the Ghost Waltzer in front of the PC.





Can the client then access the FTP server in another city?  And, if the user of that workstation wants to take FTP files and email them to other users, could they use the internet Open Switch to temporarily send emails?

What about a similar situation, but five users at the company need to access the FTP server. Could each user have a Ghost Waltzer and be able to access the FTP server directly? Can you match the five user's Ghost Waltzer units to the one Ghost Watlzer(1) that is on the FTP server?


Yes, it is possible. It is possible to access FTP servers from other cities or countries if the user’s Ghost Waltzer is paired to the FTP server’s Ghost Waltzer.  As above, a single Ghost Waltzer can be paired with multiple Ghost Waltzer devices.



Regarding faxing. There is the one RJ11 port for the fax machine, but no telephone input. Does that mean the fax protection is only available by the workstation running as a fax catcher, which then sends the fax document to the actual fax machine? Can youdiagramhowthe fax setup would work?


A fax catcher workstation is not necessary. Ghost Waltzer is a digital based security device. If a fax machine is analogue, using analogue-digital transformer allows it to be connected directly to Ghost Waltzer without a workstation.



How large is the internal encrypted drive on the new Ghost Waltzer?  Can you also tell the system to encrypt all data going to a workstation that gets written to the workstation? Then how do you access that data? Does opening a word document automatically decrypt the stored data by going back through the Ghost Waltzer?


Internal drive capacity for Ghost Waltzer will be dependent on the customer’s need. We have not decided to have a standard size of drive. It is possible to set up Ghost Waltzer to encrypt all data going to a workstation and save it to the workstation. Accessing data will depend on the configuration. It won’t automatically encrypt or decrypt. User will need to configure the encryption feature.



Does the new Ghost Waltzer have a USB port, where you can encrypt data to a portable USB flash drive? And then give that drive to another user to use the data? Would that user need a Ghost? Or would they simply need the encryption key to open the USB drive?


There is USB port to save encrypted data to a USB flash drive. It is not possible for another user to use the data. Not even by pairing with another Ghost Watlzer. Data saved by a Ghost Watlzer can only be used by that Ghost Watlzer. If not, why would people use Ghost Watlzer for protection?