How is Ghost Waltzer pairing or tunneling different from a VPN tunnel?


Ghost Waltzer is similar to VPN in some respects, but it can be deployed at the end of the network (workstation).  Also, VPN is unstable within different network environments and requires a longer time for setup which leads to higher cost. Ghost Waltzer is more affordable and equipped with a higher security level. Furthermore, Ghost Waltzer does not have an IP at all, which indicates that there is no setup required. Once you plug Ghost Waltzer into your workstation, a whole isolated private LAN is yours.



Can a VPN tunnel be created under Ghost Waltzer?


Yes, it is possible. Typical VPN tunneling has two fixed IPs (out/in). Also, VPN requires you to set up a router, switch and etc, which means VPN has weak security. Ghost Waltzer is set up at the ends of the network, which builds up a shield over the whole network between the  ends.



Will installing Ghost Waltzer cause latency on network speed?


Basic Ghost Waltzer model has 10/100 transmission speed and 20MB/s of Encryption processing speed.

Option: Transmission speed and processing speed upgrade.

*There is no maximum transmission speed and processing speed due to our load balancing technology.



What is the transmission speed of Ghost Waltzer?


Basic Ghost Waltzer model’s transmission speed is 10/100.

Option: Transmission speed and processing speed upgrade.

*There is no maximum transmission speed and processing speed of Ghost Waltzer due to our outstanding load balancing technology



Is Ghost Waltzer really hacking proof?


Yes, Ghost Waltzer is the world’s strongest security device which establishes a private Ghost Waltzer network on any kind of network by installing Ghost Waltzers on each end workstation. Unlike other security solutions, our innovative technology is that Ghost Waltzer does not have an “IP address”.

Therefore, Ghost Waltzer network does not have any doors or holes that hackers can enter.



Is it possible to link 3 Ghost Waltzers at once?


Yes, it is possible. Ghost Waltzer can be linked with more than one Ghost Waltzer at once.



If I put Ghost Waltzer in front of server, would it be working?


Yes, it is possible. Deploying Ghost Waltzerinfront of the server will completely secure network transmission between server and workstation with Ghost Waltzer. There is no maximum Ghost Waltzer transmission speed upgrade option due to our outstanding load balancing technology.



Can Ghost Waltzer be wireless?


Yes, Ghost Waltzer can be wireless. Ghost Waltzer can be used for a any situations such as RF Comms, Wifi, Satellite

and etc.



How can Ghost Waltzer have no IP address and still be able to communicate?


It is our unique technology that Ghost Waltzer communication does not require any kind of address.



Is it possible to use the internet while is Ghost Waltzer protecting the workstation?


It is not possible to use the internet while Ghost Waltzer is protecting the workstation. Security levels on the Ghost Waltzer do not allow any unidentified user to access the network, not even Ghost Waltzer without permission. Ghost Waltzer supports an internet on/off switch which allows users to access the internet.



Is it possible to decrypt “encrypted data” using another Ghost Waltzer with the same algorithm?


It is impossible to use another Ghost Waltzer to decrypt “encrypted data”. Every Ghost Waltzer encrypts differently even though the algorithm is same.

Decrypting “encrypted data” is only possible with the same Ghost Waltzer that originally encrypted the data.