Founded in September 1991, EMS developed

Korea’s first computer security system and has participated in and contributed to the nation's information security businesses. EMS has acted as a shield for the last 25 years and is a company that is proud of its capabilities for being a leader based on technical know-how with regard to the information security business which has been the most important issue in the 21st century creative economic era.

EMS has decided to deliver a 100% secure Network and appliance device for drone, phone, and VOIP, to the American Market. There is no other product that can compete with our security technology. Invisible Ghost Waltzer has the ability to make America hacker-safe from foreign threats and other corporations. Simply, we are here for a deal, offering generous incentives and royalty sharing to the right partners for a chance to aggressively expand our product to America and the world.


Invisible Ghost Waltzer is designed to prevent hackers from penetrating any security equipment or secured device Ghost Waltzer is installed on. Ghost Waltzer randomly generates a secure key every Global Standard Default Packet (1500 bytes). This method provides more security than the current method of encrypting the whole packet with a single key. Even if enemies hack a public network, Ghost Waltzer is impossible to decrypt since it randomly generates a new key every 1500 bytes.